Plan Your Financial Recovery with Consumer Proposals in St. John's

A consumer proposal is intended as a process by which an individual may make an arrangement with their creditors to make some repayment of debts owed rather than proceeding to a personal bankruptcy. While the trustee can provide you with the details for making a proposal, in order for it to be successful it must provide the creditors with a greater return than they would hope to receive if you were to proceed with a personal bankruptcy.

When considering making a consumer proposal, it is necessary to have a steady income or third parties (parent, friend, etc) who will provide you with the funds necessary to settle your debts. The amount of money required for this process will depend on your personal situation and the amount owed. The trustee will discuss these and other relevant factors specific to your situation.

The majority of individuals are entitled to file a consumer proposal, as long as the amount you owe is less than $250,000 (excluding the amount owed on a property mortgage).

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